With the leaps and bounds of technology, students are no longer hindered by time and space. Lessons can be taken from someone both near and far through the use of streaming services like Zoom and Google Hangouts!

While the format is a little different, students still get to interact live with a teacher and get feedback while staying in the comfort of their own home. Flat tires, minor illnesses, and other such inconveniences are no longer necessary reasons to miss lessons!

Basic requirements to be able to take online lessons require an internet connection, an instrument, and some device with a webcam. More elaborate set ups can be created as budget allows including separate webcams and external microphones. 

Tuition may be paid in advance at a flat monthly rate. Tuition is averaged for September through May. The rate has been calculated to allow for holidays and teacher absences. The teacher guarantees availability for 31 lessons from September-May. The number of lessons received may vary due to student cancellations. There are no refunds for canceling or terminating lessons. Teacher absences above and beyond the calculated amount will be rescheduled or refunded. The average monthly rate being approximately $75 a month for 30 minute lessons.

Tuition may be paid at a higher rate by the lesson taken, either weekly or in advance by the month.  This is an option for students who will need to make frequent schedule changes or can't consistently make lessons every week. The rate is $30 per lesson.