The Lesson Content

Music should be fun and enjoyable although challenging. Students should learn to love music whether or not they play for the rest of their life. This studio takes a relaxed approach to encourage a life long passion for music.

Lessons include work in theory. Understanding theory is an important foundation to understand the structure of music. It also makes learning another instrument easier by having a common foundation. As appropriate for their level, students are challenged with sight reading and ear training.

Repertoire is primarily classic in nature for the more advanced student. Beginning students work primarily with method book pieces. Repertoire can be tailored to the specific interests of the students to include other genres.

Lesson and practice assignments are typed at each lesson and will be emailed to the student. Different students will have different needs, so the teacher will help the student work out a custom practice schedule. Students will be encouraged to keep a practice log and present it to the teacher weekly. The practice log will help the teacher identify the issues a student may be facing.

Most students receive a 30 minute lesson weekly. While 30 minutes is common, there is always more to learn than can be easily covered in a half an hour lesson. Advancing students or students desiring to participate in multiple events could benefit from a longer lesson.

Lesson Tuition

The average monthly rate is approximately $75 a month for 30 minute lessons. Tuition may be paid in advance at a flat monthly rate. Tuition is averaged for September through May. The rate has been calculated to allow for holidays and teacher absences. The teacher guarantees availability for 31 lessons from September-May. The number of lessons received may vary due to student cancellations. There are no refunds for canceling or terminating lessons. Teacher absences above and beyond the calculated amount will be rescheduled or refunded.

The rate is $30 per single lesson. Tuition may be paid at a higher rate by the lesson taken, either weekly or in advance by the month.  This is an option for students who will need to make frequent schedule changes or can't consistently make lessons every week.

Students taking lessons in the summer may continue to pay a weekly rate, or may opt for a summer package of varying lengths for the months of June-August.

Lesson tuition may increase at any time at the discretion of the teacher.



Participation in studio recitals and events is highly encouraged but not required. Other events and competitions are at the discretion of the student and parents but may be recommended by the teacher. Students are requested to conform to a dress code for all recitals and special events.

Once a month, students are welcome to come to a free hour long group lesson. Students get to meet and play for each other. This lesson focuses on performance in front of others in a relaxed environment to help make performing a comfortable and natural aspect of being a musician.

Additional Costs

The cost and acquisition of books and repertoire required for the student are the responsibility of the student or parent. The teacher will give the student the information needed for the requisition of materials. The teacher may loan books to the student on a temporary basis while the student purchases his own.
Entry fees into festivals, competitions, or other events with admission costs are the responsibility of the student or parent. They may be paid through the teacher or directly to the event.  

Getting Started

Ready to find out more? Please visit the contact page to schedule a free pre-lesson consultation. This consultation allows the student and the teacher to meet and discuss goals and decide if this is the best fit for the student.

Please fill out the New Student Information Form and bring it to the consultation.