Encouraging your Student

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 by Sarah Emmert | Uncategorized

Studying piano can be a lonely business. Lessons are attended alone rather than in a group setting. Practice is done alone, and students may only see one another at a yearly recital or other rare group function. This is a vastly different set up to group sports where athletes practice together, play together, and celebrate together. Parents, you can do much towards helping a student feel encouraged and supported in what otherwise may be a lonely endeavor. 

There are many different ways for you to show your student support. Depending on the student's personality, certain ways may be more effective than others.

For lessons and practice itself, you can consider asking what the student learned in a lesson or the student to play something especially for you during the week. You can also make sure others respect the student's practice time by avoiding interruptions or distractions.

Other ways to combat the loneliness are to host special family and friend performances. Not all performances have to be formal recitals, but having your student play a piece for family or friends is a way to show the student how proud you are of them. Also invite those friends and family to the formal recitals! 

If possible, have your student attend group classes or participate in duets or ensembles so all the students can see they are not alone. Others are doing the same thing. Although perhaps tricky to arrange practice time for the partners, duets can be such a rewarding experience. Playing in some sort of ensemble is such a joyful experience to go from being a lone player to seeing what a group can do together.

Other ideas are less direct, but can also be inspiring. Consider taking your student to a concert or symphony. Listen to music together. Go to the music store and pick out some music the student will enjoy. 

Hopefully this gets you thinking of how you can show your student that music is important and that you support them wholeheartedly!