The Teacher

Sarah Emmert is a home school graduate and a member of the Music Teachers National Association and the Texas Music Teachers Association and formerly of the Oregon Music Teachers Association (OMTA). She has had fourteen years of experience playing piano, and has taught piano professionally for several years. She enjoys writing music and participated for several years in the OMTA Composition Celebration, receiving honors at the both the local and state level. She has received several certificates of accomplishment from the OTMA Syllabus program. In 2014, she passed the Level X evaluation, the last level in the OMTA piano syllabus. She also have experience leading church music using traditional music and lead sheets.

She loves teaching piano to students of all ages. Every student is unique, but it is always a joy to see a child light up with excitement that they can play piano. Her students have successfully passed evaluations in the Texas Theory program, with students receiving awards for high marks in a variety of TMTA events, as well as past success at Oregon Syllabus evaluations.

She earned a Certificate in Piano Pedagogy from Valley City State University in 2019.

Teaching Philosophy

There are several life lessons to be obtained through piano lessons. The first is a lifelong joy in music. This is a joy that continues with a student regardless of continued performance of an instrument. Students will learn dedication and problem solving as they work to achieve their goals. 

Students should achieve a fluency in their instrument setting them up for success in independent or guided study. This fluency will be achieved through a well-rounded musical education that includes repertoire of various genres, a good knowledge of music theory both through both written exercises and practical exercises on the instrument such as scales and arpeggios, music history, basic aural skills, and an introduction to composition and improvisation. The greater the depth of study, the greater the appreciation of music as a performer or connoisseur. Students are encouraged to contribute additional repertoire and topics they wish to learn. When students contribute to the learning process this way, they take ownership which is important for establishing a passion for music that will last beyond lessons.

Students will best achieve fluency through regular lesson attendance and practice. Not every student can offer the same amount of practice time, but if they are committed, progress will follow. Recitals, festivals, group lessons and tests are additional tools available to students to make greater strides towards reaching their goals. Students can choose different opportunities based on their goals.

The Studio

Lessons are conducted in Sarah's private studio located near Midlothian, Texas. The instrument used is a turn of the century Kimball upright piano. The studio also features comfortable seating for parents to observe lessons.

But wait! Lessons can also be conducted online through streaming services like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger! Moving no longer needs to mean you have to find a new teacher, or that you have to find one locally!